Which is the most popular drink in Japan? Matcha!


Which is the most popular drink in Japan? Matcha!

Maybe you’ve heard something of this famous tea which is the most popular drink in Japan. Everywhere in Tokyo, I have been seeing products that have this component either in the form of tea alone , mochi (milled rice as cake) , wagashi (typical Japanese candy), icecream, frappes, pastries and the list goes on and on. So, it was more than a must to try it out and one day, while I was walking around, I saw the local ‘Nana’s green tea’ with a variety of products made with matcha so I tried it right there.

I opted for the classic hot tea matcha, which is completely minced, that’s why it’s sold in powder increasing its properties 10 times more than those of an ordinary tea. The taste may be a bit strong if you’re not used to taking it but in this case, it was served with small sugar compressed tablets to balance the bitter taste of it.

Benefits from the Tea Matcha

  • It contains a high level of antioxidants surpassing other fruit flavonoids so it detoxifies the body and burns calories.
  • Revitalizes and calm, just like coffee but without the letdown that occurs when passing its effect, thanks to the theanine effect. Also, it improves the concentration and the memory.
  • It reduces sugar and cholesterol as well as providing minerals such as zinc, magnesium, chromium, selenium and vitamin C.
  • It helps with weight loss by increasing the rate of the metabolism so it will burn the fat faster.

Overall, I liked the place and it had two sections to sit on with large space, since sometimes this is usually a problem in Tokyo. So I decided to enjoy a moment to drink tea, but not before I smell it but it was a big mistake because it did not smell good. But when I tasted it, it was not as bitter as I imagined and here in Japan, they usually drink tea without sugar but between each sip, I ate a piece of sugar compressed tablet and it was a delightful contrast.

By knowing all of the benefits of the tea, would you try it? In Japan, are part of an important tradition such as the tea ceremony which I would speak later as it remains in force today.

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  • Kya
    1 comment

    That’s really great that you were able to try it! A shame that the smell was a bit strong, but at least the taste wasn’t as bad as the smell! 😀

  • rasya
    1 comment

    Matcha soft cream is so good. Not so much about the tea. It just doesn’t suit my taste

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