Where to find international food products in Japan? Kaldi!


Where to find international food products in Japan? Kaldi!

After a few months of living in Japan, I felt that I missed tortillas dying and some things that are not so common to find in stores. This may vary from place to place but it is not common to find corn tortillas, yellow cheese or salsa. So I started looking at thousands of international stores but the most they had were flour tortillas.

When searching by sky, sea and land, I found Kaldi, which is one of the most complete stores of international products besides having much cheaper products than Amazon. Since counting only the shipment without Prime, may cost more than the same product but sometimes it is very difficult to find products in Kaldi, because they also run out. Likewise there are limited products or seasonal so depending on when you look may have in stock or not.

The truth is that this article is very short because I wanted to recommend this place to buy international products. And that is a store with several branches in Tokyo, but the biggest one is Shinjuku and it depends on the time there are times that I go and there are and sometimes, nothing.

So far I have not found a store like this in Tokyo, since I’ve been to Costco and it’s a bit out of the way so you need a car or a lot of strength to carry so many heavy things, and I did not find the products you wanted. So I hope and serve this information and any questions can be left in the comments and I will respond as soon as possible.

How to get to Kaldi?

Questions: When traveling or living in another country, what do you miss most about your home? Is there something you can not live with? Do you recommend somewhere else to go?

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