What to do in Japan?

What to do in Japan?

Very often, not to say always, time passes by doing unimportant things, rather than doing other things, such as visiting places in this beautiful country. That’s why I’m doing this list to consider what I have visited and what I’m missing to visit.

So, this post will be a guide for me to know places and do things almost mandatory by being here like activities, also, I’ll put the links to the posts that mention them or photos of that location and/or activity. Also, if there are other places that you would recommend me, I would greatly appreciate for you to tell me in a comment. Since I do not want to go from here without visiting what I mostly can from Japan.

A site that has helped me a lot to know tourist places of Japan is Viator to give me ideas and even I have separated very good packages with hotel, fast train or shinkansen and entrance to the place to visit. If you are interested, visit the following link: Exclusive tours to Japan.


  • Roppongi

  • Shibuya

    • Shibuya Crossing/Shibuya 109
    • Hachiko Statue
    • Photo of Purikura
    • Kiki and Lala Cafe
  • Harajuku

    • Takeshita Dori
    • Meiji Shrine
    • Kawaii Monster Cafe
    • Kiddy Land
    • Maison de Jullieta
    • Cat Cafe
  • Akihabara

    • Maid Cafe
    • Don Quijote
    • Gundam Cafe
    • AKB48 Cafe and Shop
    • Tokyo Anime Center
    • Kanda Myojin Shrine
    • Cospa Gee!
  • Shinjuku

    • Gyoen National Garden
    • Robot Restaurant
    • Hanazono Jinja Shrine
    • Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum
    • Shin-Okubo
    • Alice Fantasy Restaurant
  • Osaka

    • Floating Garden Observatory
    • Titanes in Universal Studio
    • Pokemon Center
    • Castle of Osaka
    • World of Harry Potter
  • Kyoto

    • Gion/Geishas
    • Kinkaku-Ji
    • Palacio Imperial
    • Kiyomizu Dera
    • Arashiyama Forest
    • Museum of Manga
    • Namco Wonder Tower
    • Fushimi Inari Taisha
  • Okinawa

    • Shuri Castle
    • Kokusai Street
    • Cape Manzamo
  • Hokkaido

    • Donburi Yokocho
    • Onsen
    • Shitoi Koiribito Park
    • Lake Toya
    • Usuzan Ropeway
  • Shimokitazawa

    • Cafe Hammock Tribe
    • Darwin Room
    • Flamingo
    • Cateriam Cat Cafe
    • Rabbit Cafe
  • Kobe

    • Harborland
    • Nanny Cat Cafe
    • Kobe Kitano Museum
    • Ropeway
    • Mt. Rokko
  • Chiba

    • Disneyland or Disney Sea
    • Funabashi
    • Chiba Marine Stadium
    • Restaurant of Aiba Masaki’s parents
  • Nagoya

    • Castle of Nagoya
    • Port/Public Aquarium
    • Science Museum
    • Higashi Yama Zoo and Botanical Garden
    • Tsuruma Park
    • Osu Kannon
    • Oasis 21
    • House of Satsuki and Mei
    • Nana-chan ningyo
    • River Yamazaki
  • Saitama

    • Little Edo Kawagoe
    • Koedo Kawagoe Festival
    • Hikawa Shrine in Omiya
    • Omiya Bonsai Museum

I think the list is a little bit long and I do not know if I’ll be able to do everything but it will be one of my goals to accomplish them whilst living in this beautiful country, where there is always something to do and see. I remind you that if there’s somewhere I need to see that is missing from this list, I appreciate for you to tell me in the comments so I can add it. So, what do you think? Will I be able to make it?

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