What are the important points of a hosting?


What are the important points of a hosting?

It’s been several weeks without me writing in the blog and I apologize for that because despite wanting to, I had many problems with my hosting provider and the worst was that I was hacked. I do not know if you noticed but a while back when entering the main blog page, it was redirected to an unknown domain for me. I contacted the hosting and checked all my files, updated wordpress and the plugins. But in the end it was that someone entered the cpanel and changed the DNS.

I was desperate plus I’ve had many problems with my host so I took the decision to change as soon as possible. Good thing I had a backup of all my files and I’m still in the process of moving my domain to the new hosting site but at least is all back.

So, I took into consideration several things for the new hosting and those priorities may change depending on the person but I think we all look or should look for the same. In here, I leave a list of points to be taken into account when purchasing a hosting.

Important points of a hosting

  • Customer service: There are several companies offering this service 24/7 which is essential especially if you manage an online business and you need a quick and effective solution.
  • Site online: A site may eventually have downtimes for various reasons either the server, high visits and among other things but this should not be a recurring event.
  • Optional: These are the variants such as the size of space, additional domains, databases, etc., everything you need for your site.

The truth is that this discouraged me quite a bit since I could not continue working on the blog as I wanted to and some people told me to take it as a compliment to have people considered me for a hack. But in the end, I learned to maintain the security of the blog constantly and to have full weekly backups.

Has this ever happen to you? What security measures you take? What do you think is the most important feature of a hosting? I hope you never come to pass something like this because I do not wish it on anyone.

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  • Michelle

    I’ve never been hacked but it still sucks that it happened to you. I’m glad that (hopefully) no damage was done. Good points in finding a host. I have Mddhosting, which has great reviews from customers and critics, and is a good host over all.

  • Susanne
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    That really sucks. I don’t think I’ve been hacked but I’m very afraid of it happening, and I do lots of work to protect my sites from hackers. I even stopped using WordPress just because of the risk of hackers (because WordPress is so well known to hackers), but now recently I went back and just decided it’s better to learn to protect the site well and how to deal with it if it happens. I used other platforms but I ran into problems with the host, the main thing was lack of customer service. I needed help with small things and they never answered, which turned me off, because what if anything worse happens and I can’t get any support??
    I hope your new host will work for you.

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