Some time ago I went to this famous Water Park that is located in Shinagawa. There are several activities to entertain people of all ages. There are several places that I have visited that are for the whole family, if you want to know some of them, you can click on the following link: What to do in Japan?

For me, what impressed me the most was the lights and the marine life until there is a Café or Bar in the entrance so that when you arrive, you start to enjoy.

There are attractions that cost and others that are free, this time I did not go to any because I felt that I would not have time to do everything. Also, the main thing is the dolphin show, which is free.

Personally, the reason to go to this park was more to see the marine life and not so much the colored lights, which is a detail that stand out from the facade of the place until the end.

There is no doubt that if you are a lover of the sea, you must visit this place. Do not forget that there are different shows at different times and I was happy that I could be part of some of them like the dolphins, the penguins and the tunnel where one of the biggest manta rays I have seen is.

How to get to the Water Park in Shinagawa


Questions: Have you ever visited an Aquatic Park ?, what was it that you liked the most ?, is there any you would like to go?