Visit the old Nintendo’s HQ in Kyoto


Visit the old Nintendo’s HQ in Kyoto

The truth is that I did not know about this building but I found it very interesting to visit it because of the effect it has caused on different generations of players. And, is that like many businesses, started creating one thing and ended with another. In this case, Fusajiro Yamauchi began creating card games, which are called ‘hanafuda’ and innovating so that in 1933, he officially founded the company of Nintendo.

As the title says, the story of Nintendo began in Kyoto and then changed to a much larger building half an hour away. The old offices remain totally closed, so, no person can enter but I think more than one would pay for a tour to witness what is in there.

Old sign for the offices of NintendoOld sign for the offices of Nintendo

Original offices of NintendoOriginal offices of Nintendo

To get to the place, it is a bit difficult and a little out of the way but if I could find it, surely you too. But just in case, I leave a map with the exact address to get to the building. What yes, is that there are not many things around it more than a few rivers and one or another store. To conclude, I must say that I was very nostalgic for my childhood because I was once a fan of the Pokémon game.

How to get to the old Nintendo HQ in Kyoto?


Questions: Would you like to visit this building? What was your favorite game of Nintendo? What are you currently playing?

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