In another post I talked about the original Nintendo building in Kyoto, that if you want to know more, you can click on the following link: Visit the old Nintendo’s HQ in Kyoto. That post was so popular that I was asked a lot about the current offices and that is why I do this post.

The truth is that it has no comparison to the previous one since the building is much larger as well as the space around it, since it seemed to have large green areas. At the entrance, there are several Nintendo logos, with which it is common to take photos. But, I could not take pictures because it was raining heavily.

I do not consider myself fanatical about the games or about Nintendo in particular, but yes, it gives me a lot of nostalgia since I grew up playing Mario Bros, Zelda and especially Pokémon, whenever I could. Since I was a child I like Pokémon and it is the game I expect for Nintendo Switch, which is said to be released by the end of this year, 2018 or at the beginning of next year.

How to get to the current Nintendo building in Kyoto?


Questions: Would you like to visit this building? What was your favorite game of Nintendo? What are you currently playing? Did you visit the original Nintendo building?