Tips to travel alone


Tips to travel alone

The first time I traveled alone I was 19 years old and I went to the beautiful city of Montreal in Canada. The truth is I felt a great deal of excitement and nerves at the same time as it was the first time to completely travel alone in a completely unknown city for me.

The country is very safe but that does not mean you should trust you because all over the world and there are good people, there will be people who want to take advantage, so, I share some basic tips for you to take into account when traveling alone.

  1. Itinerary: Decide and organize your travel destination. In addition to this, plan it immediately and separate the dates as soon as possible since you may get benefits by getting the best prices. You can check out Viator, where you can book now and pay later, which I love if I have still doubts on dates or destinations.
  2. Health: If you go to another country, in many cases there are vaccines you should get and in each country is different, so I recommend you consider this as soon as possible, just after securing your itinerary. Also, prepare a first aid kit and go to the doctor for a quick check up plus medicine to take to your trip. And do not forget your travel insurance, it is best to be safe than sorry.
  3. Idioma: English can sometimes be more than enough but what happens if the country you are going to, they do not speak it? I wouldn’t consider to attend classes days before the trip because it may be an unnecessary expense but what you can do is join online courses that will help you learn the basics. If you do not know any, I recommend you Lingq, where you can save money and time.
  4. Entertainment: Prepare books, music or games that will make you endure the long hours of waiting. In addition to this, always keep track of your travels whether on a electronic diary or social media but remember your safety so do not give very specific data ever. Instead, let your family the details of your itinerary before traveling.
  5. Contacts: Do not be afraid to meet new people! Knowing different cultures and people who think differently will make you grow as a person plus they will make your trip an unforgettable experience. Whether you stay in a hostel or share house, do not forget to introduce yourself, you never know when you might return to find those traveling friends.
  6. Losses: Take good care of your belongings at all times, take your passport and most of your money always with you. There are some kangaroo pouch that are worn underneath the clothes so they are not exposed so you can take it everywhere. If you lose anything, remember to inform your family, the place where you stay and the embassy of your country.
  7. Instincts: At all times, trust yourself, your instincts and that will be the best decision. Because sometimes it is best to doubt others especially if you don’t know much of them, it may be a bit exaggerated but it is ideal especially if you are alone as many and I do not say that everyone will try to exploit the situation. And the most important thing is your safety and welfare.

The most important tip I can recommend you is the last one, always follow and trust your instincts since the cities that I have visited will not be the same as you are planning to visit or you’re already visiting.

For you, what do you always do when traveling alone? Is there a tip you’d like to add to the list?

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