The Sanrio Expo 2017 a 100% cute


The Sanrio Expo 2017 a 100% cute

The Sanrio Expo was 100% cute since it did not matter where I turned, I saw only 100% adorable things. And well, of course that was the case because I’m talking about Sanrio and although they have different characters (Hello Kitty, Chococat, Kuromi, Keroppi, etc.), each one has a touch that makes them distinguish as part of this brand. The event itself was very special since I was able to know everything related to new Sanrio products and here, I share them, just for you. The Expo was held at Gate City Osaki in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan.

I must emphasize that I took many photos but I only included the best ones since otherwise, this post would be unreasonably long. So, be warned of all the loveliness shown below!

There were several things that caught my eye, for example, the food on display that will be available later but looks very realistic. The truth is, I do want to try it because when I went to the Sailor Moon Exhibit I remember the most delicious hamburger. If you want to read this post, here it is: I went to the Exhibition of Sailor Moon in Roppongi Hills.

The cosmetics section was very big and the truth is that there are very good options because many times they work with high quality companies that it is impossible not to buy. One of the characters that has more boom right now is “Gudetama”, the yolk of the egg that, I feel it is very lazy of everything.

The last photo is all the things I received from the Expo and I must say that I loved everything! Especially because my favorite character is “My Melody” in red version and my second favorite is “Cinnamaroll”, that if you have me on Facebook, you will know that I have it in my profile photo.

I hope you liked it but now I will tell you a secret: What you saw in the last photo will be part of a great giveaway that I am preparing so stay aware, because it will be very soon and I will let you know.

Now, I’d like to know, which is your favorite Sanrio character?

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