The Japanese in extinction mode: Japanglish


The Japanese in extinction mode: Japanglish

When seeing a series, film or anything related to the Japanese language, in many occasions, it shows a great similarity with the English. The above is called japanglish or wasei-eigo; This is so common that different Japanese did not know its origin and they were surprised to know it thinking that it came from the Japanese.

This was a plus for me as I do not know much Japanese more than the basics, I can use japanglish to give me an understanding and it is that on many occasions, I will only add a vowel and go. So, this can also help if you plan to visit Japan and do not know the language, however, this happens mainly in large cities where customs are constantly changing.

Common examples of Japanglish

  • Tarento – Talent
  • Sarari Man – Salary Man
  • Hoteru – Hotel
  • Toire – Toilet
  • Sutailu – Style
  • Mai Pesu – My Pace
  • Poteto Furai – Potato Fry
  • Chokoretto – Chocolate
  • Keki – Cake
  • Ticketo – Ticket

So as you can see there are several words that are derived from English and is increasing every time with the new generations that are much more open to globalization. Also do not forget the next Olympics of 2020 where all the signs are being modified to add their translation into English. In this way, there may be a loss of the Japanese language by focusing on English.

Will one day lose interest in maintaining the pure language tradition? This will not happen from one decade to another but it will take time since language is constantly changing and in many cases it is considered as a living being by the same. Only time will tell.

Questions: Do you know any other word that is used as Japanese, what do you think about this?

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  • Michelle

    I don’t but it’s interesting, just like Spanglish.

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