The closest mountain to Tokyo: Mount Takao


The closest mountain to Tokyo: Mount Takao

One of the first long trips I made when I arrived to Japan was to Mount Takao and it was a totally different experience than I had imagined. Mount Takao receives thousands and thousands of visits from tourists every day because it is considered a beautiful landscape of nature that is not easy to perceive in the city. It was a surprise for me from start to end because it was the first time I climbed a mountain and I would do it again.

It is very easy to get to it, just go to Takaosanguchi station in the Tama region from Tokyo without the need of a car and it is about an hour by express train. Mount Takao is considered a sacred place for more than a thousand years to train and meditate.

Contrary to what many would think, you do not require or need any special mountain equipment or to be very athletic to go into this adventure so it is perfect for anyone. That’s why there is no reason to not go and enjoy the road full of surprises and an amazing view.

But, depending on the type of road you choose, you can climb to the top and it can vary in difficulty. For example, one road focuses on flowers, another crosses the Miyamabashi bridge, another with a waterfall and more different ones. When you reach the top, you can find a large space to rest or eat.

The whole way is very well taken care of and that was one of the things that surprised me the most. In addition, it is a beautiful place to notice a little more about the history of this great country and it is a great way to meet people from all over the world.

[socialpug_tweet tweet=”One hour from Tokyo, Mount Takao is the perfect place to be surrounded by nature and observe Mount Fuji in the distance.” display_tweet=”One hour from Tokyo, Mount Takao is the perfect place to be surrounded by nature and observe Mount Fuji in the distance.”]

The view is simply beautiful and I was very fortunate to see Mount Fuji from there. What I do recommend is to take things slowly if it is the first time you climb a mountain like me and warm yourself up no matter the weather, since at the top, most of the time it will be much colder.

Personally, I enjoyed this experience for all the things I mentioned and I hope it is not the last mountain that I climb but many more because the view, it’s really worth it.

How to get to Mount Takao?

Questions: Would you dare to climb Mount Takao? Have you ever done something similar? Do you consider yourself a person who likes nature and/or long walks?

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