Sk-II Magnetic Booster with Airy Milky Lotion


Sk-II Magnetic Booster with Airy Milky Lotion

One thing that distinguishes the Japanese, from my point of view, are limited edition products. Therefore, Sk-II could not be left behind and they put on sale a Magnetic Booster in conjunction with other products of your choice, whether the Airy Milky lotion, Cream R.N.A. Or Essence R.N.A. And, for the title of this review, you can know which one I decided to buy and later on I will tell you my reasons why.

But first I want to talk a little about the Magnetic Booster, which has micropulsation technology, which means that it gives consistent smooth pulsations with over 7,000 vibrations per minute with magnetism. According to Sk-II, this Booster it improves three times the absorption as opposed to applying it with your hands.

So now, I’ll tell you why I chose that lotion and the main reason is that it is light in texture. My skin is mixed and sensitive, so finding a cream that benefits me without being very creamy is torture. So, when I tried this lotion, I noticed the difference from the first moment and I did not hesitate to buy it. In addition, the line of R.N.A or Radical New Age has won several awards for its effectiveness. The skin changes to a healthy, lively and youthful state, which at my age I should take care of.

How to use it?

  • Place the lotion on certain strategic parts of your face such as the forehead, cheeks and chin and then spread it a little.
  • Take the Booster and give gentle massages always in the upward direction and from the center outwards to prevent skin from sagging or creating wrinkles.
  • The previous step can be for a minute or a little more but not more than two minutes.
  • At the end, clean the Booster with a clean, dry wipe and remember to avoid wetting it as it can be damaged.
  • Do all these steps at least three times a week and at night to stimulate the skin when sleeping.

Sk-II is considered a high end brand, so it is not cheap but it is worth it. Personally, I am in love with this brand for its products that do give results. In addition it is very popular in Japan, I struggled a little to find this kit since in most of the places I go regularly it was sold out but in a less known place I could find it but only the 50 gram bottle remained since there is also the version of 80 grams.

Questions: Have you heard of this brand before? Have you used these types of tools to stimulate the skin more? Would you like to buy it or do you think it is not necessary?

If you are interested in the Magnetic Booster, at the moment it is sold out because it is limited edition but you can get more products of the same brand in the following links: Cosme-De and Yesstyle.

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  • Joe
    1 comment

    Amazing post with some great photos keep it up!

  • Julz
    1 comment

    I always liked the look and design of these products but have never tried them – and the magnetic booster looks awesome!

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