Shin-Okubo: Korean Town in Tokyo


Shin-Okubo: Korean Town in Tokyo

One of my favorite places to eat samgyeopsal and buy Korean products is in Shin-Okubo, a small area in Tokyo dedicated to Korea. In itself where you can find everything related to Korea is on the main avenue but there are also very hidden streets with many things like makeup, clothes and the best, food. I never imagined seeing so many makeup things in one place and at cheaper prices than I have seen online and I understand it for the cost of transportation and the tax that must be paid, it should not be easy.

It is not very difficult to get there since it is very close to Shinjuku, even walking is about 15 to 25 minutes being this a great opportunity to appreciate the different places and curiosities that you will find on the way.

Food stores or K-pop varieties

Main avenue of Shin-Okubo

I loved the facade of this samgyeopsal restaurant

The Lovely Cosme store premiering a beautiful drawing

A food market and another section of makeup

Variety of popular Korean snacks

A shelf of various types of makeup

One of the largest makeup stores: Skin-Garden

Samgyeopsal in a very distinguished restaurant

Samgyeopsal in another restaurant in Shin-Okubo

In summary, Shin-Okubo has become my favorite place to eat samgyeopsal when celebrating my birthday or other important events. Among restaurants there are some differences, as I have gone as four different and each has its own. My recommendation is not to be afraid to ask for new things and if possible, to have good company to enjoy it as I feel that I have had it.

How to get to Shin-Okubo, the Korean city in Tokyo?


Questions: Have you ever tried food or a Korean make-up? How did you like it? What has been your favorite brand of Korean make-up? Is there anything you recommend to prove it is from there?

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