Sailor Moon Official Store in Harajuku


Sailor Moon Official Store in Harajuku

If you have visited me before, you will have noticed that I am a Sailor Moon fan, since I also attended the Exhibition in Roppongi Hills last year and I could not be left behind with the opening of this new store. This official store is located near Takeshita Street in Laforet Square B 0.5 in Harajuku.

The anime turns 25 years of being created and transmitted in Japan. My generation in Mexico grew up with Sailor Moon and that is why I feel an immense nostalgia whenever I see anything related to the anime or manga. It is also nice to meet other people with the same taste as me and it is very common here in Japan to meet someone who has seen the series.

Once I arrived there I realized that there are two stores, one for more common things like cell phone protectors, sweets, makeup and stationery. A little further on, you will find the other shop with clothes, accessories like necklaces and bracelets, that’s where the gachapones were.

In the end, I wanted to take everything that was there and I must say that everything looked beautiful and with a style of Sailor Scouts. And, I think all the fans are happy that there is a permanent Sailor Moon store to visit whenever we want. Also, they have limited products and they are only sold there, so, it is one more reason to visit Harajuku and especially the Sailor Moon store.

How to get to the Shop of Sailor Moon?


Questions: Do you like Sailor Moon? Which is your favorite character? Did you see the anime or manga? If you could buy something from Sailor Moon, what would it be?

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