Have you ever heard of samgyeopsal? It is a typical Korean dish for lunch between a group of people and for everyone to be involved. The main thing is that the pork belly is grilled but in my case, I did it a little different depending of what I had in my apartment in Japan.

Some may identify it by some famous Korean dramas, if you remember one of them, please tell me which one to immediately watch it. Now, the following is the list of ingredients and the steps to prepare a delicious and simple samgyeopsal.


  1. Ssamjang: It is the Korean dressing a little bit spicy, this is what will give the Asian touch. Not only used for samgyeopsal but also for fried chicken and other Korean dishes.
  2. Oil mixture: You can achieve this delicious mix by adding 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of black pepper and 2 teaspoons of dark sesame oil.
  3. Pork belly: For this part, you may use a variation of the pork, in my case I used bacon but ideally it has to be pancetta pork in very small pieces.
  4. Lettuce: Prepare and cut semi large or medium lettuce slices to wrap all the ingredients, don’t forget that the lettuce should be fresh and washed.
  5. Optional: These are added to give a little bit more of flavor, it can be white rice, onion, garlic and anything you can think of, there are no limits.


  1. Prepare all of the ingredients: It is best to have all the servings ready in the food table to eat all at the same time. Everything should be served in small plates.
  2. Lettuce in your hand: Take the lettuce as if it was a taco, be careful and consider that the lettuce is not broken so nothing falls within.
  3. Include all of the ingredientes: Add first a little bit of ssamjang and a little oil to the lettuce; then include the meat, onion and garlic.
  4. Wrap up and repeat: The portions should be small so that they can fit in the piece of lettuce, wrap it all very well and repeat the process.

What do you think? If you make the recipe, I really would like to see the photos of it and know if it will become your favorite as it is for me.

You can get a ssamjang bottle, which is essential to create this recipe in the following link: 2 Bottles of Ssamjang.