I have years of not wearing a backpack but it has been my salvation when I moved to Japan. And I thought I would never use one since University I carry a bag on one side or shoulder style. But when I totally changed my lifestyle when moving to Japan, I realized that I could not take the burden of it, it was too much for me what I carried always.

So I decided to change to a backpack but not any backpack, it should be gray to contrast with the color of clothing that I always use and also was to be a leather or coarse texture that does not affect what I have inside when it rains.

Knowing what I wanted it was a little bit easier to reduce my options but still, the search was extensive. First , I looked here in Tokyo and there are very good choices aesthetically speaking but most were of cloth, so if it rains or it stains, it would be ruined completely.

Information about the backpack

  • It only comes in one size, which is height of 35 cm, width of 32cm and 18cm of thickness.
  • The material is genuine leather or so it says on the characteristics of the product.
  • The color options are black and gray, the two colors are very elegant but I knew what I wanted.

What do you think? Personally, I like the details overall and the several bags within so that everything is easily accessible, especially if you’re racing at all times like me. Although it looks small, it does fit a lot of things and the main ones for me are laptop, eyeglasses, wallet, books and bag of pens.

And you, do you use a backpack or bag? What is the brand they like or use right now?

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