Mitama Matsuri in Yasukuni Shrine


Mitama Matsuri in Yasukuni Shrine

It is festival season in Japan so you could not miss a traditional event where history, music and food together in one place, in this case at the Yasukuni Shrine. This festival has been one of the biggest of which I have attended, although there have been so many.

In fact, last year I attended the same event because I’m close. In addition it is unique by the size of the sanctuary but there is another reason why it is famous and sometimes with publicity a little controversial but in the end, famous. It is a delicate subject so I will not go into detail but if you like to know what I am talking about, you can leave me a comment here or in the ‘questions’ section.

It is common that in this type of events, the food is usually at a higher price than the usual but I think it is ok to enjoy everything that is offered since, this event is only once a year, can you imagine if Out every week? I would end up in bankruptcy.

In addition, the atmosphere and all the decorations motivate you to be part of the event and to buy a variety of things. For example, this time, they offered French fries, soba, yakitori, snow and the list goes on.

And, without realizing it, I began to hear the sound of several drums and a half-familiar song for me. But the place is so big that I had to move from one corner to another to find myself with a wonderful show: a typical dance.

That was the main thing of my visit to this Sanctuary that has many things to see because near there is a museum and on the other side, a beautiful river where regularly holds another event called ‘Obon’ so it is a very Tourist and it is almost an obligation to visit it. If you’re interested, I’ll share the information on how to get there.

How to get to Yasukuni Shrine?


Questions: Have you listened before this Sanctuary ?, is there any other you would like to know ?, what do you imagine is the controversial part of this place?

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