Missha Magic Cushion Moisture


Missha Magic Cushion Moisture

In Mexico I loved the Missha brand as I think it was very popular because it was Korean and one of the first ones I knew about BB cream. So when I came to Japan more than a year ago, I knew I should have cosmetics of this brand and I met Missha Magic Cushion Moisture.

The first time I used it I liked a lot besides having noticed a slight fragrance that personally I like but I know that for many other people can not please. For my skin type, I chose the tone # 23 that was not bad because to dissolve it mixes very well with my color. But now, I share a little more of this makeup:

Detailed Information

  • It has a natural covering of long duration and keeps the skin hydrated.
  • The key ingredients are 3 flower oils that control oil and skin water.
  • Creates a radiant effect on the skin to prevent skin fading.
  • Prevents wrinkles, whiten and has SPF50 + PA +++ sunscreen.
  • It has two presentations: # 21 Beige Light and # 23 Beige Natural.

Opened Missha Magic CushionOpened Missha Magic Cushion

Shade #23 of Missha Magic CushionShade #23 of Missha Magic Cushion

How to use it?

  • Be very careful when taking makeup out of the compact as it may come out a lot.
  • Use a suitable amount with the puff to apply it on your skin and tap it until you get a smooth application.
  • When finished, close the compact until you hear a click to prevent the makeup from evaporating.
  • Remember to clean the puff followed to avoid bacteria and dirt on your skin.

One thing I must say about this product is that personally, I would not buy it again but not for the brand or makeup but for the presentation and use of the compact. For me, I feel that I do not take full advantage of what the cushion has and it gets dirty.

Questions: Do you know the mark of Missha or have you heard of this product ?, Is there any other similar product that you recommend?

If you are interested in Missha Magic Cushion Moisture, you can get it in the following links: StyleKorean and Yesstyle.

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