Love chocolate and oneself


Love chocolate and oneself

At the end of the Christmas festivities, it is almost immediately that the shelves of chocolates begin to appear to give as gifts on Valentine’s Day. In Japan it is customary for the woman to be the giver on that day and for the man, on March 14, the so-called ‘White Day’, to return the detail but not only with chocolates but it can be with any type of gift but this must cost three times more or that is said.

However, there are surveys that prove that more than half of women buy chocolates for themselves and sometimes for their friends or family members. Younger women are the ones who are changing this trend and even go out for a coffee and / or eat a chocolate or cake.

Maybe some things have changed but for now there has not been much change in Japan that is still a day focused on women to buy chocolates. Especially for the designs or wrappings that these may have, as I show in the photo of this article, do not hesitate for a second to buy it to keep the adorable container.

Personally, there is nothing wrong with buying the same chocolates or anything but what I think is important is to have self-esteem. In most cases, the person who judges more and is more strict with one is the same person who does not think it is wrong to want to be better but you have to find a balance and recognize the positive things from the negative ones.

That is why I give you these tips that for me are very important to remember not only on these dates but always, especially on those days that you can defeat.

  1. Know yourself Do not miss the things you like and do not like. Accept and recognize that so you do not neglect it because many times we give priority to another without giving us the value we deserve.
  2. Take care By knowing you a little more, you will know what makes you feel better without hurting others, of course. For example, the basics of exercise, good nutrition, rest and hygiene.
  3. Forgive Let go of mistakes of the past of others and yours, there is no point in being cycled in the same. The ideal is to recognize the error, amend it and move forward doing everything possible to avoid repeating it.

Hopefully and you will be served with these tips, or if there is one that I would like to share that has served you, I would appreciate it very much to share it with others. In addition, we must never forget, respect others and their decisions, there is no better gift than that, treat as you would like to be treated.

Questions: How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day or how do you celebrate it in your country? You already knew how they celebrated in Japan, what do you think of that?

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