Lottery of Sakura Card Captor in Tokyo, Japan


Lottery of Sakura Card Captor in Tokyo, Japan

I never thought to generate a taste for raffles but when I arrived in Japan, everything changed. They are not free but have a factor that seems to appeal to anyone: limited editions. So it happened to me with the lottery of Sakura Card Captor, who with their return next year, are promoting the anime.

So, on a trip to Akihabara, I saw that they had new raffles, including Sakura’s, and I could not stay behind. The dynamics is simple, you buy a ticket and that is equivalent to a product but you choose it when you enter your hand to a box with many sealed tickets that the moments of taking out, you have to release it and the letter of the product that you win comes out.

On this occasion, I bought three tickets, of which, I took the first place, the umbrella, which I love. Also, a keyring from Ruby Moon, I am not a fan but it is of very good quality and a mini towel to carry in my pocket. These types of towels are very famous and popular in Japan for the warm weather to remove sweat.

Finally, if you are interested in Card Captor Sakura, a raffle is taking place on Twitter, where you can win an umbrella like the one in my photo. You can find out more at the following link: Card Captor Sakura’s Raffle.

Questions: Have you participated in this type of raffle? What have you gained? What would you like to win in a raffle?

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