Perhaps you already know this famous bronze statue of Buddha in Kamakura, which is the second largest in Japan and is almost an obligation to visit. Why? In addition to witnessing the Buddha of 13.35 meters high, the temple is impressive and above all, the city of Kamakura is worth visiting.

The great Buddha was built in 1252, when Kamakura was the capital of Japan and only an hour away from Tokyo. Originally it was inside a temple of wood but due to diverse natural disasters, this one remained in the open air from the year 1948.

When arriving at Kotoku-in, it is necessary to perform the ritual of purification of the soul when wetting the hands and the mouth before entering. The cost of entry is very low, about 200 yen per person, so I found it excellent.

You can perform various activities there as it is to enter the Buddha making a small donation of 20 yen and you will know more about its construction. Also, know more about the history in the souvenirs section and what caught my eye, appreciate the Buddha sandals hung on a wall.

Personally, I like to visit Kamakura and not only by the temple but by the city, it has a typical style very similar to Kyoto. Besides that the food is delicious, so it is almost a must eat there. The only thing I would recommend is try to visit on a weekday instead of the weekend because of the many tourists there may be.

How to get to the Big Buddha in Kamakura?


Questions: Have you listened before of this great Buddha? Would you be interested in knowing it? What do you know about the Buddha story?