This is the second product I bought once I arrived in Japan because I wanted a one more typical of the area because I always favored Korean products and well, I do not regret my purchase.

The brand of Kose Sekkisei was founded in 1985 and is an organization focused on using ingredients and oriental herbs to benefit the women skin.

The White Bbcream has two different versions, normal and moist, also two different tones, 01 (light skin) and 02 (natural skin). And it is very easy to find, almost in every convenience store in Tokyo has it since it is an essential product for women.

Detailed Information

  • Has a protection of SPF40 PA +++ UV-A and UV-B.
  • Two presentations: moist and normal, also two tones: light and natural.
  • Doesn’t use mineral oil.
  • It gives vitality to the face with a natural hedge.
  • It acts as a serum, emulsion, cream, sunscreen and foundation.
  • Prevents the formation of freckles caused by UV rays.
  • It contains bio-mimetic of Chinese and Japanese herbal extracts ingredients.

Speaking a little more about the product is that the tones are a little bit light but they are able to adapt very well to the skin color when spreading it. On the other hand, it has very little perfume, so it will be perfect for those who do not like products that contain fragrances.

Personally, it’s one of my favorite bbcreams because it doesn’t feel cakey at all but it does not have high coverage. So I recommend for daily use and to achieve a uniform skin but not to completely cover imperfections.

You can get the Moist Version in the following links: 01 Light and 02 Natural. Or you can get it with me at a lowe price in the following link: Kosé Sekkisei White BB Cream.