I have only visited two themed cafes in Japan since I arrived, this one and a Maid Café that I will tell you later in another post. Going to the Cat Café was totally unexpected, I had not planned it and I went only because it was on the way to the Inari Shrine in Fushimi, Kyoto.

I love cats but it is a bit difficult to have one in Tokyo for several reasons, for example, the building of my apartment does not allow pets, it is very expensive to buy and mantain all the care that must be given (I have seen that they cost approximately ¥600,000JPY), plus I do not have enough time. That’s why, every time I see cats, I get so excited.

I was happy with the experience although it was very little time and the costs may vary but in tourist cities they do not differ so much. Since then, I have not returned to a Cat Café but maybe later I’ll visit one when I miss them too much.

In other matters, I set a New Year goal to write more but I will also add more photos of me, I’ll start with Instagram and then add more here. As many of you know, I am an introverted and I don’t show my face much but I would like you to know me more and therefore, know you more.

Questions: Have you ever been to a Café with a theme and how did it go? Is there one you would like to go to?