Is it a must to visit a ‘Maids’ Café while being in Japan?


Is it a must to visit a ‘Maids’ Café while being in Japan?

One of the places I wanted to visit from the beginning was a themed café, in this case a Maid Café. To date, I’ve been about 4 times since I’ve been with visitors because it’s really a concept a little different from what we’re used to, in my opinion.

In Monterrey, before coming to Japan, I went to one mainly for food and try to learn a little more about this type of coffee. But, it was not a good idea, the truth is that I did not like anything and I hope you will not stop visiting these places in Japan for experiences like that. Since, for me, it is very different and nothing to see.

For those who do not know these places, it is a restaurant where there are waitresses who wear maid uniforms and sometimes make presentations and interact with customers.

The experience itself is something different from what we are used to and it can vary between locals but it is almost always the same. What I want to emphasize here is that almost always in all places, not only here, a minimum is requested to order from the menu and a cover. What it is that almost always ask for drinks with a design that makes the maid and a picture with it.

I have heard stories that try to take advantage of people who do not speak Japanese by wanting to charge more and / or give services without mentioning that they have an extra cost. To me, this has never happened to me in a Maid Café because the times that I have gone have been the same as that of @home cafe.

But, it has happened to me that they want to charge more especially when I go with my partner, who looks very European. I will tell you later, since they are counted as many times as it has happened but still, you have to be careful in any part of the world.

How to get to Maidreamin and @home cafe?


Personally, it depends a lot on the person to visit these types of places since it is something relatively new but for those who like the adorable and the different experiences, this place is for you. If on the contrary, you are more interested in the history or architecture of Japan, maybe this place could be one of the last to visit and if you have time to spare.

If this is not for you, we have a large list of activities and places to know in Japan, just click on the following link to learn more: What to do in Japan?

Questions: Have you been to a Maid Café in your city? Would you like to go or have you been to one in Japan? What do you think? Is there any other place you would recommend?

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