I went to the Exhibition of Sailor Moon in Roppongi Hills


I went to the Exhibition of Sailor Moon in Roppongi Hills

The Exhibition of Sailor Moon was everything I was waiting for and much more. A major event that lasts only a month and takes place in different areas of Japan but I attended the one in Tokyo in Roppongi Hills Observatory, specifically on the floor number 52. It contains thousands of objects related to Sailor Moon such as jewelry, stuffed animals, dolls, candy, glasses, pens, well, endless things. At the entrance, I could see the details of what would be a great adventure to learn more about the history, eating with great style and buy things made ​​especially for fans. If this wasn’t enough, there’s also the beautiful view of Azabu, a place that was used as inspiration for the anime and manga.

Posters of Sailor MoonPosters of Sailor Moon

Queen Serenity of Sailor MoonQueen Serenity of Sailor Moon

In the whole event, the lines were endless and abundant since there were rows of people for everything. I arrived about 12 in the afternoon and the cost was 1,800 JPY, which I do not know if it’s common for these types of events but I found it reasonable. Also, there was a special area to take photos with the Sailor Scouts but the best thing was Sailor Moon in human size and behind her, the beautiful view of Azabu.

There were dozens of products everywhere, it was amazing to see the amount of things of Sailor Moon. I couldn’t image it’s popularity because in the event, there were girls of all ages dressed as a character from the series or having the famous pigtails of ‘dango’ from Usagi, recognizable characteristic from kilometers away.

One of the things that I loved the most was the sculptures of the royal couple of Crystal Tokyo. In that same area there was a poster of Sailor Moon with the signature of the author, Naoko Takeuchi! That picture I took it while waiting in line to enter the store and buy some things, although I know I do not need anything to remember this day because I know I will never forget it. When I finished my shopping, it was time to eat at the Cafe especially arranged for the occasion.

To speed up the process at the Cafe, I was given a menu to make my decision before taking a seat. I was very indecisive and finally, I leaned in for a drink of red fruits, that when I put the blue color drink it became dark red. This was too sweet for my taste and I could not even finish it. But the burger was the best. I’m not into burgers, to tell you the truth and I do not know if I was just hungry, tired or something else but it tasted like heaven with a piece of bacon and a boiled egg, served with star-shaped french fries and some vegetables.

Before devouring my meal, I took a photo of every detail well thought out by the organizers of the event. Now that I think about it, I should’ve taken a photo after of the few leftovers that ended in my plate as evidence that I liked it. At the end of my meal, I decided to return home, approximately at 20:00.

Already in the house, I decided to take a photo of everything that I’ve had received and purchased. For example, I got an energy drink of BB that promotes Sailor Moon, the booklet of products for this event, an event poster and several bags with the logo of the exhibition. The rest I bought it; it was a pen of Queen Serenity, sweet strawberry candy, a keychain of Sailor Jupiter and hand sanitizer. Until this day I regret not buying some cute pens with a figure of a rabbit and the cat Luna.

This post is a little bit long considering that I removed some photos but I must say I was fascinated by this experience, not only by the details that I noticed in every corner but by the love of many fans like me, because ’til this day remains in our hearts the heroic story of the protagonist who fights for love and justice: Sailor Moon. How many times a day you scream with excitement “Moon Prism Power, Makeup!”?

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  • Becca

    I loved watching Sailor Moon growing up. I could only watch it at my grandpa’s house because we didn’t have cable television, and I would always be super excited when it came on! This post makes me want to go back and watch some episodes 🙂

    It’s crazy how many different Sailor Moon products and items there are! I love that the tables in the cafe were decorated as well. And your food is so pretty and fits the theme as well! It looks like you had a great time!

  • Kya

    That is so wonderful that you had a good time. It really looks amazing at the scale and number of items that are there! 😀

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