The truth is that I do not know how many times I have visited it since it is a very popular tourist place that I always try to take to the people who visit me to know it. Tokyo Tower is one of the most important symbols of the city and in many series, animes and movies has appeared.

In itself it is a communications tower built in 1958 inspired by the Eiffel Tower. Today is the second tallest structure in Japan, since in the first place is Skytree, which is near Asakusa and built 51 years later.

The Tower is located near Roppongi Hills and is open almost every day of the year but very dependent on the weather of the day. The price varies depending on the floor or the height you want to reach. For example, for an adult at the height of 150m would be 900 ¥ and for the height of 250m would be 2,800 ¥. I have climbed to the height of 250m and it is a beautiful sight but a little small.

Tokyo Tower is one of the most important symbols of the city. Have you seen it in any series or movies?

In addition there are attractions that change certain time in Tokyo Tower as for now there is a special One Piece park. There are also several activities that change by season, such as Christmas or Halloween projections, the latter was my favorite because on a screen, it reflected your face as if you were a zombie, which I found very funny.

Do not forget to visit the gift shops, one is at the height of 150m, another when you reach the first floor, which you will find almost the same but going to a floor below, in the basement, you can find many stalls with very good items to give as a gift or to stay as a souvenir so as not to forget your visit.

How to get to Tokyo Tower?

Questions: Have you ever been to Tokyo Tower or would you like to do it? Have you seen Tokyo Tower in any series or film?