How not to die of hunger in another country?


How not to die of hunger in another country?

Personally, I’m terrible with implementing finance related into my daily life because without thinking, I will make sporadic purchases, especially living in another country. That’s why I follow a series of easy steps to have a little bit of discipline and get to know one of the most important thing in this area: In what does the money go?

Once I know this, I can create basic limitations to survive without starving, only with the necessary things and the rest of my money, I can either save it for an emergency or visit different tourist areas.

  1. Make a list of basic expenses: In this area, you’ll have to know the basic costs such as rent, utilities, insurance and food either weekly or monthly.
  2. Create an agenda or diary: Personally, I like to have a notebook that inspires me to write daily besides having a detailed organization.
  3. Upadate your diary: You do not need to updated everyday, only when you make changes to what you have of money including date, category and quantity.
  4. Have limits and goals: Set goals that you can achieve, that way, it’ll be easier to resist unnecessary temptations and record it in your journal to notice your progress.
  5. Follow your own rules: In other words, follow exactly the limits you’ve set to achieve your goals. In the end, everything will be worth the effort.

I’m not an expert on this subject but those steps have helped me have a little more control in my expenses and be aware of it. Is there anything else that you do to help you with this issue?

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  • Kya

    They are really great tips and would be important to follow when you are living in another country! Thanks for sharing. 😀

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