How do the new generations celebrate Valentine’s Day in Japan?


How do the new generations celebrate Valentine’s Day in Japan?

February, month of love and friendship in Tokyo, Japan. Anyone might think they celebrate it just like in Mexico but no, it’s a little different. Especially because the new generations are updating the customs and that in this post, you will know what I mean. But first, I’m going to share some of the customs of Valentine’s Day in Japan.

In Japan, on February 14, men receive various chocolates but in many cases have no romantic meaning but rather mandatory. Since there are mainly three types of chocolates: Honmei-choco (本チョココ), which is the homemade chocolate that is given to the beloved, Giri-choco (チョココ), which is the commitment that is given to Colleagues or acquaintances and finally, Tomo-choco (チョココ), which is for friends.

But, it does not end there! A month later, on March 14 on the so-called White Day, the men must return the detail to those who gave them the chocolates. Some people say that it should be much more expensive than it most likely will be since they commonly do not give away a chocolate back.

Each company has its own rules not told and depending on them is that one carries chocolates. I have met several friends who, instead of buying, prepare it at home because it comes cheaper but not because of that, it has a special meaning.

The curious thing is that the new generations, besides buying the usual chocolates, are also buying for their friends and for themselves to deliver them on this day. In this way, they make a little more dynamic and harmonious that day, to me seem.

What do you think of how they celebrate Valentine and White Day in Japan? Would you deliver chocolates to all the men you know or just that special someone?

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