So it is very likely that you already have a blog and it can be a hobby that you like to do in your free time or you would like to live one day, how is it possible to achieve it? There are several ways to advertise Cost-per-click or Cost-per-impression, but one of the most used are Affiliates or Sponsors. However, it is very difficult for them to arrive on their own, so you should have your Media Kit ready and contact them. Since there is no better way for things to happen until one fights for them.


What is a Media Kit?

In a Media Kit you will show only the best of your site in addition to the proposals to work with companies, all in one place. In short, it is your worksheet which will define why they should work with you so they should see the value you give to your site, what makes it different from the thousands of sites or blogs out there?

What is the most important thing that a Media Kit should have?

  • An image and a brief but concise description of what your site is for the sponsors to identify.
  • Give some information about what your market is and why.
  • Share the statistics of your site from Social Networks to Unique Visits, this can be through Analytics.
  • Include your terms and conditions or what you are willing to do to reach an agreement whether it is a Sponsored Post or Product Review.
  • Do not forget to include in the end the link of your site and email, this way you will always have it.

Tips to make your Media Kit the best

  • Check it two, three and even four times before sending it to a sponsor, remember that it is your presentation.
  • Use the format in PDF so there will be no changes to the size or font of the letter that can modify the entire document.
  • Always give real numbers and be honest with what you mention in your Media Kit to maintain a healthy and lasting relationship.
  • Do not forget to be friendly and 100% accessible by contacting them as it is a situation that both parties can be winners.

Questions: Do you already have a Media Kit ?, what is it that has served you the most in using the Media Kit ?, who would you like to work as a great company?