Fuji-Q Highland Park: World of Evangelion


Fuji-Q Highland Park: World of Evangelion

The truth is that I am not a fan of amusement parks because I am terrified of games, especially the heights and that is why I avoid them but this one had one thing in particular: an area dedicated to Neon Genesis Evangelion. It is one of my favorite series and I could not pass up the opportunity to go see what it was about.

Fuji-Q is located in Yamanashi, approximately 2 and a half hours from Tokyo, being one of the biggest attractions of the place and it is totally worth it, especially since there are more than 40 attractions. Besides being able to observe the amazing Mount Fuji, there is also a haunted mansion of Mizuki Shigeru GeGeGe and several games for children.

And not to mention the food, simply delicious and for all palates. There I tried several things in very popular restaurants, I do not think there are any problems if you are a little fussy like me. But, changing the subject, I went up as two games and one of them, is the one I show in the previous photo of the kittens. The wait in each game is an hour or two depending on how popular it is but in the end I liked it a lot and had fun.

Evangelion in Fuji QEvangelion in Fuji Q

Evangelion 02 in Fuji QEvangelion 02 in Fuji Q

Later on, I got to buy so many things there like a bento, a cup, cookies, notebooks and a case for glasses, almost everything was Asuka, my favorite character or black or gray with the characteristic emblem of the series.

I think it’s worth it but for those people who like the series or want to go to the amusement park but it is absolutely true that you will not reach in seeing everything or uploading everything there is. In addition there are lockers to store your things and not having to be carrying all day that can be very annoying. Maybe I would not go back but you never know what can happen.

How to get to Fuji-Q Highland?


Questions: Do you like amusement parks or Evangelion? What is your favorite character? Did you see the anime or manga?

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