First and last Roller Coaster: Yokohama Cosmo World


First and last Roller Coaster: Yokohama Cosmo World

I never imagined climbing a roller coaster, let alone an amusement park in Yokohama. But, I managed to convince several friends and that if a friend, just as scary as I was, why not me? Still in Tokyo it is very cold for me and especially at night, so I left warm and we got on the roller coaster. It is true what they say is more what lasts waiting to queue than the attraction itself but still, it is a type of adrenaline that I prefer to avoid. And, in the end, I did it, almost crying and very cold but I was able to achieve something that I thought I would never do.

But where is this amusement park? It is in Yokohama, one hour from Tokyo and its biggest attraction is the Wheel of Fortune and that was once the largest in the world. In addition to having a huge clock in the center and there are occasions that make light events for festivities such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day or just at night with different patterns.

The other important attraction is the roller coaster which crosses a lake and makes it seem as if it entered the water. But when crossing the lake, it submerges to a style tunnel where there are diverse lights of colors. In my opinion, what is most distinguished is that compared to everything else.

Likewise, there is another area for the little ones with attractions that are more suitable for them. But that will surely be to your liking as there are many fun games and sections. One of the things that caught my attention was an Haunted House-style attraction.

It is important that you know that the entrance to the park is totally free and only charge for the attractions that you are interested in that can vary from 100JPY to 700JPY. You can also find a section of meals inside the park but that is usually fast food. It is also important to note that the amusement park is closed on Thursdays and the nearest JR station is Sakuragicho.

How to get to Yokohama Cosmo World?


Questions: Have you visited an amusement park? What was the best game you have climbed? Is there a park that you are interested in visiting?

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    Wow that is a huge ferris wheel! I am not a fan of ferris wheels but I really love amusement parks and especially roller coasters. We have a small family run park here that has an old wooden coaster which I love. I’ve been to Disney World once a few years ago and went on Space Mountain. I would really love to go to Canada’s Wonder Land and a Six Flag’s theme park somewhere in the US.

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