Finally, I arrived to Japan


Finally, I arrived to Japan

I arrived tired and sleepless but I finally arrived to the country of the rising sun: Japan. I am from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico so the journey was really long but I first made a stop in Dallas by American Airlines and continue my trip of 13 hours by Japan Airlines to get to my destination. I must say that I am not an expert in the language as I only studied a semester back at home ​​but I still was determined to come here and study an MBA, learn Japanese and work part time because the student visa only allows me to work 28 hours a week but I think it’s more than enough for now that I’m starting here and considering I’m really new to everything in Japan.

Spider of Roppongi Hills in TokyoSpider of Roppongi Hills in Tokyo

TV Asahi in TokyoTV Asahi in Tokyo

Cherry blossom garden in RoppongiCherry blossom garden in Roppongi

Tokyo Tower in RoppongiTokyo Tower in Roppongi

I’ve just moved from continent a week and couple of days ago so I’m still learning things about this beautiful country. A very positive thing that I want to highlight from the Japanese is that they help you in every possible way that they can, even if it’s a little difficult because of the language barrier but with signs and a few words in English/Japanese the barrier is reduced. I have learned Japanese on the internet in different pages; there is one that may interest you where you can learn several languages ​​like French, English, Italian, Korean and many more, just click on the following link: italki.

Drink at the Hard Rock Café in TokyoDrink at the Hard Rock Café in Tokyo

Typical Takoyaki food and Sapporo beerTypical Takoyaki food and Sapporo beer

For the next articles, I will make a list of what I should/want to visit in Japan and the Exhibition of Sailor Moon that will take place in Roppongi Hills. Being the first few weeks of being here, I’m still adapting to various things like the schedule of sleep, apartment and some daily life basics like having my bank account, cellphone, pasmo or suica and more. Therefore, I couldn’t write and dedicate myself to blog as I would’ve like it but all in due time. Also, if there is anything that you would like to know from here, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Questions: Would you like to visit Japan? Is there a place or topic that you would like me to talk about it in this blog? What do you know about Japan?

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  • Tara

    Good luck with your Japan adventures. I adore Japan so much, with Tokyo being one of my favourite places. I need to return there one of these days, and I hope to make it there again. Your photos are bringing back all the memories I have of Japan ^^

  • Michelle

    Oh wow, that must feel scary to actually undertake living in a new country, but, but, I’m glad that you’re finally there. And Sailor Moon? Hell yeah!

  • dlysen
    1 comment

    Hi! Japan is the country I want to visit. One day come I’ll step on this land and be happy.

  • Jeini Relova
    1 comment

    JAPAN!!! My dream country. I love the buildings. It is so Japan. <3

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