Fans of Pokemon Go, you must go to Pokemon Center


Fans of Pokemon Go, you must go to Pokemon Center

When coming to Japan, I knew I had to visit the Pokemon Center in Tokyo although I didn’t research much because I wanted to be impressed by the place when I visited. But what is or what is in the Pokémon Center?

There are different Pokemon Center throughout Japan, for example, in Kyoto, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima and more specifically in 11 locations. There you can find original products of pokémon, among the most popular things and limited versions that are just there.

And I’ve noticed that in Japan, many things are products of the season or limited to give more importance to everything that is sold.

But back to the subject, the “Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo” was the one I attended and is located on the second floor of “Sunshine City”, a big mall where people also make presentations and there are different restaurants or thematic locals as one dedicated to One piece, Dragon Ball and others.

So, before you know more about all these places, I bought several gifts for friends because there you can find everything like key chains, lunch boxes, water toys and many more things that I didn’t imagined existed, things I didn’t even know I wanted. Though I must admit I felt a little old since I did not recognize many current Pokémons, because I played versions of gameboy color.

Since “Sunshine City” is a big place, it was inevitable to be part of other events and luckily that day “FuwaFuwa”, a new idol group of 19 girls ranging from 12 to 20 years presented. And, to be honest, the songs were catchy and the choreography was fun so it was really entertaining.

Then my stomach rumbled for food so, I ate in a restaurant I can not remember the name but what I have in mind is the delicious “crab cake” I ordered there. I hope I’ll soon devour it again and take more pictures about it and get the information of the restaurant.

In the end, I got sidetracked a bit from the main topic but I wanted to include it because it was part of my experience to know the Pokemon Center, which was very satisfying for me to see so many products and people interested in a game of my childhood.

So I would like to know, do you like playing Pokemon?, or maybe “Pokemon Go”?, What is your favorite pokemon?

How to get there?


You can get different products of Pokemon in the following link: Products of Pokemon.

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