Endangered species protected in Ueno Zoo


Endangered species protected in Ueno Zoo

The Ueno Zoo was established in 1882 and is one of the oldest in Japan. Therefore, it plays an important role in the preservation of wildlife and public education since it has been commissioned to work hard to keep endangered species alive.

There are many sections in the Zoo, for example, there is the tea ceremony house, which is very important in Japanese life. Which may be a bit strange to see there but it is certainly a historical structure that should be appreciated.

There are not many photos because if I took pictures of all the animals and everything would never end but I hope you like what you can see here starting with the pandas which is the main thing, since the row is like two hours or more depending of the day.

One thing I loved was that the gorilla has his own blanket and that is adorable for me. Like seeing the tiger so close was one of my favorite moments since I love the felines.

In one of the last photos is the ‘Wild Health Center’ where you can see on the outside that it is a kind of hospital for animals to keep them healthy.

  • Hours: It opens at 9:30 and closes at 5:00 pm but this can vary in summer. The last tickets are sold at 4:00 p.m. It closes every Monday and from December 29 to January 1.
  • Price: Adult tickets cost 600JPY and students, children and seniors have a discount.

How to get to Ueno Zoo?


In general, I really liked seeing the animals but it also gives me a lot of feeling to see them locked up. I recommend it mainly for the pandas and it might seem small the zoo but do not trust that it is really big and with areas where you could stay for hours. For that reason, comfortable shoes and patience are necessary for the lines that almost everywhere there is.

Questions: Have you been to this zoo before and what did you think? What do you like most about zoos? What is your favorite pet?

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