Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Japan 2016-2017


Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Japan 2016-2017

A little late the post of my Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Japan but long ago I’ve been wanting to change the design to start the year well. I hope you like it as much as me for its simplicity and at the same time a little different with the menu on the left side.

Now, to the main topic of this post: Christmas and New Year celebration in Tokyo, Japan. Since April 2016, I moved to Japan, more specific to Shinjuku, Tokyo. I have changed several things from that moment that I first get to know everything to now that I feel it as a second home, of which I will tell a little in this post. But if you want to read my first post, here it is: Finally, I arrived to Japan.

But, returning to the subject, Christmas in Japan is a little different to Mexico. Beginning because it is a topic a little more of love than family relationships so many Japanese spend it with their partner. In addition to eating Kentucky Fried Chicken and visiting some places with light shows.

In my case, on Christmas Eve I visited a Caretta lighting event in Shiodome but upon arriving at Shimbashi Station they had a decorated train and it seemed like a great event as there were lots of couples around but the main thing was in Shiodome, where you can see the decorated pine trees of blue lights around a white pine.

I was not going to miss the opportunity to eat KFC chicken, which became so famous at this time that even convenience stores sell their chicken buckets similar to those offered by Kentucky. The next day, at Christmas, I went to the Catholic church where they had a small arrangement but it caught my attention.

At this time, there are many Bōnenkai (忘年会), which is a meeting between friends, family and co-workers to forget the problems of the past. But, they also have Shōgatsu (正月), which consists of different factors that make it a tradition like sending postcards, eating osechi or mochi, giving money to children, among others.

And suddenly, it was December 31, I went to Shibuya to try to celebrate it there but there were so many people that I simply had to go, but not without before taking a photo to what it seemed a copy of Hachiko, distinguished statue of the place. One night, I went to the temple to do the Hatsumōde (初詣), which is the first visit to the temple during the Sanganichi (三が日) which is the New Year’s celebration until January 3rd. From the entrance, you can see that it was arranged to welcome it.

At night, you can appreciate much better all the ornaments of the first temple, climb the stairs and there is the main temple and in the entrance there’s a decoration that one must follow the instructions before entering, if not, you will have bad luck in the Year Of the Rooster, the year 2017.

That was what I did mainly those days but also I reflected a lot on what I achieved in 2016 that was to fulfill my dream of living in Japan. It has been a little difficult because it is not the same visit as a tourist to live, work and study in a completely different culture but it is something that I would not change for nothing. In addition, I have been growing as a person and appreciate much more every detail that happens in my life. I am very happy for all these changes and improvements in my life that there is nothing or anyone that could make me feel bad for them.

Now, the only thing I lack is the typical list of purposes for this 2017, which will be very difficult to surpass 2016 but everything can happen!

Purposes for 2017

  • Update every fifteen days the blog or if possible every week and start the project related to objects focused on Asia.
  • Focus more on my studies to excel at the moment of speaking and being less angry with my loved ones and show more of my love.

In the end, I want to thank you for reading me and visiting the blog, which has been a bit shabby but soon there will be a giveaway to show my appreciation. I can only say that I hope you had a nice and happy holidays and that this year you achieve everything that you propose. Happy New Year!

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