Christmas and New Year in Japan 2017-2018


Christmas and New Year in Japan 2017-2018

For the second time, I celebrate Christmas and the New Year in Japan, which is why I feel very fortunate and grateful with life and with my family. This year was a little different from the previous one, if you want to read a little more about different activities you can do in Tokyo at Christmas and New Year, click on the following link: Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Japan 2016-2017.

The truth is that this year for Christmas I did not leave but I did prepare a small dinner: mole, mashed potatoes and salad. For Japanese, the difference between Christmas and the New Year is that December 24 and 25 is celebrated with the couple or friends and December 31 is exclusive with the family.

I enjoyed Christmas but it does not compare to the New Year, where I was able to celebrate in the Maduro Bar of the Grand Hyatt Hotel listening to live jazz and eating the most delicious, as well as excellent company. The only thing that was missing was my family but for me, there is no better way to start 2018.

A post shared by Adyani BC (@adyanibc) on

A post shared by Adyani BC (@adyanibc) on

The only bad thing about the bar is that it does not accept reservations so one should arrive a little early to secure place. I liked the jazz band a lot and they played well-known songs that brightened and set the mood for the bar. It is not very cheap but not so expensive, depending on what you order but I loved it. What yes, is that it was not much celebration at the moment of giving the 12 of the night, the singer did the count and ready.

The following days, one has to go to a temple to pray, however, you can take more than 3 hours to go through the large line that is made, especially that these days, many Japanese have a vacation. So, everything will be much more full.

But, on this occasion for being the Year of the Dog, many brought their pets very well dressed. And, I could not resist taking a picture of the couple of dogs from the previous photo. They just look too adorable.

  1. Publish every week Sometimes it is very difficult due to my Masters and my work but I want to be more constant, I have different themes and pictures of what I want to share so I hope to do it. As well as answering all the comments, which I thank infinitely.
  2. Yield more It can be said that I am a little proud and it is difficult for me to accept a defeat or that I am wrong, so, this year, I want to change that great defect of mine.
  3. Be more expresive I am a very introverted person so I do not say what I feel, I keep it and sometimes it accumulates, which is not very good. For that reason, I want to change it and say things, of course, always taking into account the others, because for me, the background and the form will always be important.

I know that they may be impossible to fulfill but I will put all my effort into it. Since in this year many important things will be decided and that I am more than anxious to know what the universe has destined for me. Without more to say, thank you very much to all who take time to read me.

Questions: How did you celebrate Christmas and New Year? How did you spend it?

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