Chocola Bb drink for a beautiful skin


Chocola Bb drink for a beautiful skin

Have you heard of Bb but in form of a drink? I already knew the energy or boost drinks, which are popular in Japan by offering different types of vitamins and nutrients to endure a hard day’s work. Really, this are not so different from Bb Chocola drinks, but they also offer benefits to the skin and are directed to women.

For example, because of the anniversary of Sailor Moon, it promotes the drinks of Eisai Joma and they give in their cans stickers of all the Sailors, among other prizes as illustrations, signed by the seiyuu of Usagi Tsukino , Kotono Mitsuishi, makeup accesories and limited edition compact mirrors.

There are different types of drink but this time I will focus on the Chocola BB series because are the most that I’ve ever had, especially the version of Sparkling and Joma. And in addition to providing energy, also they remove acne and leaves the skin smooth and flawless.

Detailed information

  • It is a drink with nutritional supplements such as Vitamin B, iron, arginine (proteins) and ginseng extract (an anti-stress and anti-fatigue plant).
  • Contains few calories to avoid weight gain, therefore it is recommended to take it daily or before an important event.
  • The flavors vary between a sweet touch of peach or grapefruit and it also comes in the form of pills.

Personally, I have been taking Sparkling and Joma drinks when feeling tired and that is why I can assure you it lifted my spirits, on the other hand, improving my skin, I haven’t noticed much. The antifatigue effect is almost immediate, in contrast to the effects of skin perfections which is reportedly weeks after taking it. However, this is my opinion as to the drink but for the dose and the results of the pills are completely different since it focuses on getting a clear skin of imperfections that we all seek.

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