I'm a twentysomething years old and proud Mexican living in Tokyo, Japan. With this being said, I love to travel and get to know other countries (even though I'm afraid of flying in airplanes). At the moment, I'm an English Teacher, MBA Graduate and I have a Bachelor of Arts in Mexican Literature. I consider myself an introvert and creative person who loves animals, literature but also, web code since I've been in the world of blogs and forums since I was 14 years or so and never left it.

About my skin

This section, in my opinion is necessary by the reviews that are on the site because not all skins react in the same way but I try to give my honest opinion of how a certain product worked on my skin type. So my skin is very sensitive and mixed, so, change a little depending on the season and the place I am. My tone is light tan or tone number 23 or natural tone. What worries me most are the spots on the skin and dark circles or bags in the eyes.

Places I've lived

  • Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico:I was born and lived most of my life in royal lands, home of the kid.
  • Montreal, Quebec, Canada: I went to study the French language and years later, university exchange.
  • Turin, Piamonte, Italy: I spent months getting to know Italian daily life enjoying coffee and pizza.
  • Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan: Currently studying in my dreamed country, where it highlights its unique culture.



This personal space was created to keep track of all the events related to moving from my home country of Mexico to Japan. However, as there are many curiosities and differences between countries, I saw the need to share my experience which I know that will appeal to more than one. From the process of paperwork I had to go to reach this beautiful country until the moment I leave.

I try to focus exclusively to Japan and Korea but also I will talk about things related such as travel, recipes, fashion and product reviews that are easier to find in all of Asia.