A beautiful view of Mount Fuji from Fujiyoshida


A beautiful view of Mount Fuji from Fujiyoshida

Visiting Japan and not seeing Mt. Fuji is like not having visited this beautiful country. It was not very contemplated the trip since I did not know very well where Fujiyoshida was but it was an experience that I loved. In fact, I think it was my first “long” trip from Tokyo since it took two hours to reach Fujiyoshida.

The impact was great because I felt it was a small town with a lot of Japanese tradition. And, what to say about the food, just excellent, the taste and size of the saucers do not compare to those in Tokyo, in my opinion. Therefore, it is always good to know towns or cities on the outskirts of the capital.

There is a very special tourist park to see from there the Mount Fuji and the walk was long but it was well worth it. It is considered a sacred place, which is why there is a great entrance to a temple. Also, there were signs of dangerous animals that could do harm so when you go, please be careful.

One thing that always surprises me of Japan is that it does not matter the place, most of the times it is impeccable. There is great care towards things and nature that simply transports you to a state of tranquility and peace that is very difficult to find anywhere else.

Needless to say the view to Mount Fuji, I was there from 4:30 a.m. Or 5:00 a.m. Because at that time it dawns in Japan and is the best time to observe the panorama. Although it was very difficult to raise, at the moment of having that beautiful view in front of me, I forgot the dream and the tiredness. I simply absorbed everything around me.

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Questions: Have you heard of Fujiyoshida? Where do you recommend seeing Mount Fuji?

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